What We’re Reading: Jan 3-9

Housing First, LinkedIn tuneup, and the trouble with Amazon The New Yorker reports on Salt Lake City’s unique and highly successful Housing First program, saving taxpayers thousands of dollars while as the same time getting the chronically homeless off the street. linkedinYou may not be looking for a job but having a quality LinkedIn profile certainly helps your image and brand. Have you taken the time to update it lately. Time has some tips for keeping it in shape. Fast Company explores the state of Amazon in a longish article recently focusing on the failure that is Amazon’s Fire Phone and fears that the company has lost its way. eBook sales are down and physical books are up…at least in the UK this season. 2015 is getting an extra second and that’s a bit of a problem for the internet. When the last leap second was added back in 2012, more than a few sites had trouble keeping pace. Foursquare, Reddit, LinkedIn, and StumbledUpon all crashed when the leap second ticked unexpectedly into place. Hopefully as these become more common, the kinks will get worked out. For much of the country the weather this week has been brutal (all you REALTORS in Florida don’t need to gloat so much when you call!) but frozen fountains can be pretty delightful. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is on this week in Las Vegas so there’s lots of gadget news. For example, the Cooki. Say what you will about the quality of coffee that comes out of pod-based machines like the Keurig, the machines have caught on like wildfire. They’re fast, they’re easy to use, and you can instantly brew up almost flavor or type of coffee you like. And soon, dinner prep might be just as easy as using a Keurig machine, if the ambitious creators of the Cooki are able to make their machine a reality. In other CES news, Sony unveiled a new Walkman on Tuesday that will deliver an exceptional audio experience—at an exceptionally high price. What makes it worth over $1,100? High capacity and the ability to play ‘high resolution’ songs.


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