What We’re Reading: June 29-July 2

Marriage equality, UP, 4th of July, coloring books, Siri Easter eggs, muralists, Millennials, and living in the future! 

Last week we witnessed the SCOTUS landmark ruling on marriage equality and the internet broke. The White House was all colors of the rainbow in celebration.

SCOTUS’s decision is expected to have a ripple effect on the economy, including the real estate market.

No amount of balloons will save it this time. The UP house might come down soon.UP house

With the 4th of July around the corner, we take our hats off (and put our hand over our hearts) for these public displays of affection. Keep in mind that while we love fireworks, your dogs may not!

Who says coloring books are just for kids? Adults find it entertaining, relaxing, even therapeutic. Humor can also be found in it.

What rights do muralists have when building owners want to alter or paint over their work? NPR takes a look at this issue.

There are approximately 75 million Millennials out there, and they are becoming interested in buying homes.

We live in the future and our phones are smart — and smart-alecky. What happens when you ask Siri to divide zero by zero? How about when you ask her why fire engines are red? There are more if you want to go down the Siri rabbit hole.

Want more proof that we live in the future? Real estate developers are turning to virtual reality to give tours to prospective tenants of buildings still under construction. Also, the robots are poised to take over bricklaying.

More on the creepy “Watcher” house we were reading about last week.

This is just wrong…

Abby Creitz

Manager, NAR Library & REALTOR® University Librarian

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