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What We’re Reading: August 10-14

ROFL?, haunted homes, burritos, conspiracy theory, environment, Google shift, property values, Zombie Tom Brady, and sporks.

What’s cool one minute is lame the next. How are you expressing emotion online?

Ever wonder how agents manage to sell stigmatized properties? This guy is an expert.

Want to get more bang for your buck at Chipotle? One man’s experiment in human fallibility resulted in a surefire tactic to increase your burrito size by 86%.

Conspiracy theory alert on the interwebs: “Berenstain Bears” or “Berenstein Bears?” In case you were wondering, here is the Library of Congress Name Authority Record for one of the authors. Berenstain Bears

Could black plastic shade balls ease the water crisis?  They were released in a Los Angeles reservoir, reducing evaporation, algae and toxic chemical reactions.  This cost-effective solution is expected to reduce evaporation by 300 million gallons.  Watch the release video here.

Google is now one of many companies falling under the entity Alphabet, whose domain is Careful not to go to

NAR’s Information Services gets a lot of requests regarding property value impacts – what difference in impact would a Trader Joe’s have versus Whole Foods?

Is that really Tom Brady in the courtroom or a zombie ready to attack?  The sketch artist apologized for not making him handsome enough. Yikes—I sure didn’t recognize him myself.

The spork — so easily mocked, but a redesign might change your mind about this multi-use utensil!

Abby Creitz

NAR Web Content & Information Specialist

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