What We’re Reading: January 25-29

Government, drones, greenhouses, temporary housing, iPhones, webcams, real estate value, bonsai, passports, closings, end of a hoax, Spotify, and reading goals.

We hear it snowed a little. It might have slowed down our nation’s capital, but not these women.

We previously shared news that drone owners had to start registering their aircraft — 250,000 owners did so in the first month!

Greenhouses are so warm and comforting, why not live in one15725391527_ee48edb82c_m Swallowtail Garden Seeds/flickr/2014

Talk about innovative housing — this coat can double as temporary housing!

This short-term listing didn’t quite meet AirBnB standards, but nice try!

On the other side of the country, you could rent out this luxury Hawaiian home for a mere $25k per week!

We love a good iPhone shortcut! Here are 25 you might not know about.

This is completely unsettling — secure your webcams!

Of course we knew real estate is a major asset, but recent research has assigned an actual value for the first time.

Create a more zen-like environment with…floating trees?

Does your passport expire in 2016? Don’t wait to renew2871134419_b1f52134d6_m Tony Webster/flickr/2008

Wow. These are some unexpected closing stories.

This is no hoax. RIP Abe Vigoda.

Successful companies evolve over time — in that vein, Spotify will not focus solely on music anymore.

Think reading 100 books each year is unfeasible? Try these three tips and you might surprise yourself!

Abby Creitz

Manager, NAR Library & REALTOR® University Librarian

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