New Books – April 2016

NAR members and Association staff can borrow up to three books for 30 days from the Library for a nominal fee of $10.

Members and staff can also borrow up to six electronic books, digital audios and/or videos at no cost, through the Virtual Library eBooks Collection.

7fwords7F words for living a balanced life
By Barbara D. Agerton, Deborah A. Bacarella and Catherine A. Lewis
Certified Sisters, Inc., 2013

The level of an individual’s engagement in any relationship be it spousal, friendships, business related, social, spiritual, or a myriad of others, is always predicated on the weakest commitment between the interacting individuals. We tend to consider the lowest bar set as the acceptable measure of satisfaction. It’s not a good thing or bad thing; it’s the way we humans most often respond to our associations. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all could wake up each morning to a set of metrics created solely to raise our spirits and the level of the bar we want to achieve? Well, here is the answer. You have it in your hands right now! The 7F Words can launch you on a lifetime journey by following a simple, life-altering course that will make the bar you set fun, extremely achievable and enormously productive. The 7F Words offers a simple formula for life-improving relationships, business excellence, and a self-enhancing blueprint aimed at living and appreciating your life to its fullest. Give yourself a gift each day and incorporate the 7F Words into your daily routine, your bar will ever be set higher, and you will always know that the life you live is infinitely more important than anything else you can offer this world.

By James Moll, Christopher Pavlick, Amy Martinez, Harris Done and Nathan Wang
Freestyle Digital Media LLC, 2015

Most Americans have never stepped food on a farm or ranch or even talked to the people who grow and raise the food we eat. Farmland will take an intimate look at the lives of farmers and ranchers in their ’20s, all of whom are now responsible for running their farming business.

Through this film from award-winning director, James Moll, you’ll step inside the world of farming for a first-hand glimpse into the lives of young farmers and ranchers. Learn about their high-risk/high-reward jobs and passion for a way of life that has been passed down from generation to generation, yet continues to evolve.

transformationalTransformational governance: how boards achieve extraordinary change
By Beth Gazley and Katha Kissman
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2015

There has never been so much pressure on nonprofit boards of directors to achieve a level of accountability that meets public and stakeholder expectations. Member-serving association boards may be especially challenged by their more complex affiliate structures and a greater emphasis on representative governance. But what does the journey to good governance look like? Markedly different from existing board development books, this modern approach focuses less on the behaviors and qualities of “high-performing boards” and more on the stages and processes that directors and their staff used to transform their boards. Based on research funded by the ASAE Foundation, the book fills a gap in the governance literature by emphasizing diagnosis and problem solving, using the actual tools and activities implemented by 85 transformed associations. Combining the credibility of scholarly research with lively and compelling stories, tools, and teachable moments, this book is designed to help associations and other nonprofit organizations achieve the entire journey to good governance, from first to last steps.

licenseSo you’ve got your real estate license… Now what?
By Mitch Ribak
100MPH Publishing, 2015

So you’ve decided to become a Realtor! You know the advantages – the low cost of starting up, the potential to make lots of money and to be your own boss. These well-known advantages lure you in, but the little known and less discussed pitfalls may wash you out. You’ll need to be aware of the pitfalls that may pose obstacles to your success. Once those are out of your way, the sky is the limit for profitable professional growth and enjoyment in the real estate industry. The author, Mitch Ribak, will take you through the pitfalls and show you how to avoid them. Then he will teach you how to succeed as a Realtor.

heartHeart and sold: how to survive in real estate
By Valerie Fitzgerald
Atria Paperback, 2009

Heart and Sold is an insightful journey through the emotional and tangible challenges of regaining one’s personal power while building and maintaining a successful business — regardless of the country’s economic situation. Valerie Fitzgerald, one of the country’s leading real estate agents, candidly recounts her personal journey from unemployed single parent to entrepreneur, philanthropist, and renowned corporate executive.

From beginners just getting started in residential real estate to seasoned agents — or anyone in business looking to take their game to the next level — this step-by-step guide teaches readers the art of selling. With her personal touch, Fitzgerald shows readers how to manage clients with style, choose the right company and the best mentor, establish a stellar reputation in their field, develop a daily schedule for running a home office, and maintain a successful attitude every day. With all of her tools at their fingertips, readers will also soon be shooting for the stars. Heart and Sold shares the mind-set of a respected businesswoman who gracefully balances the demands of an empire with the intimacy of her family, and is a model for working and living that can be applied to any desire or discipline.