What We’re Reading: March 28 – April 1

April Fools Day, throwbacks, space, roads, sheds, tunnels, IoT, tech, marijuana, naming, health, cats, family, women, and cold weather.

Heads up, people! Don’t be a fool today.

Take a trip down memory lane with us and behold the glory that was the 80s. Try not to be embarrassed. While we’re taking a look back, here are the best pranks from 2015.

We are highly impressed with this guy’s use of space in a small apartment! This other guy has taken small living to a new level, but where does he put his clothes?

A lot of perfectly beautiful cities were marred by highways built right through them. Luckily, a number of them have corrected this problem. Drive the speed limit along this stretch of Route 66 and you will be rewardedRandy Heinitz 2013 Randy Heinitz/flickr/2013

We just became aware of He Sheds and She Sheds, and now we want them in our lives! #7 please!

This housing start led directly to an bad end.

We talk a lot about the Internet of Things and its applications in the home. Check out the current trends!

Does your computer keep trying to upgrade you to Windows 10, even though you are not interested? There’s a free solution for that.

We wonder if this condo builder claims to specialize in “high-rises.”

Would you name your kid after a Star Wars character? Yes or no? The Reys have it!

Do issues of health and wellness affect your real estate business? You might be surprised.

If you insist on buying a cat house, even though cats ignore such things, you might as well buy a pretty one.

When real estate is a family affair

Women are more satisfied with their careers in commercial real estate now, but how much progress has really been made?

We will never complain about the cold weather again.

Abby Creitz

NAR Web Content & Information Specialist

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