What We’re Reading: May 30-June 6

Panic, flotation, valuation, ice cream, design, careers, collections, marijuana, deterrents, gators, coffee, and emoji. In case of emergency, would you prefer a room, or a house? With sea levels rising, it’s prudent to design homes to keep us above water. Why do men’s houses appreciate more on average than women’s? It would seem that Mister Softee is not so soft after all. Sure, we’ve been trying to pull off mismatched dining chairs since Friends. We resisted a frame around the peephole, though. Don’t judge. Bacon Critic is a job now, and yet it somehow seems 4 years off pacecyclonebill 2012 cyclonebill/flickr/2012 To each their own. What do you collect? Dealing with commercial properties zoned for cannabis? You might find this interesting. What do you do to discourage smoking? Package it in the ugliest color available. We know golf courses have obstacles, but this is ridiculous. We love coffee and we love ingenuity, but a line has to be drawn…right? All right, settle down, people. We finally have bacon emoji.

Abby Creitz

NAR Web Content & Information Specialist

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