What We’re Reading: September 26 – 30

Technology, vaccines, photography, laziness, home features, and identity.

Have you updated your Yahoo account info yet?

There is beauty in this new data center in the Arctic Circle.

If you are one of the brave who downloaded the new iOS 10, you should be aware of some hidden features.

How gullible are people? This gullible.

Do you think smartphones are making us antisocial? They’re not the first technology to raise this claim. Edwin Lee 2013 Edwin Lee/flickr/2013

How many single function devices do you have time for? Here’s another one.

Come on, Science! You can do it!

Are you in need of a fresh perspective? This adorable photo series might help you out.

Seriously? Is this for real? Has it come to this? You probably need to look at something cute to calm you down now.

We are feeling less like precious snowflakes over here. Yes, we want all these features, too!

Was this house built out of spite? Whatever the motivation, it is a great example of using the space you’ve got.

So, this cat named Steve thinks he’s a lamb. We respect your choices, Steve.

Abby Creitz

NAR Web Content & Information Specialist

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