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I wouldn’t say I’m known for killing plants, but I would say it’s a larger part of my identity than it should be, which is why it never made sense to me that my house proud parents assigned me the task of planting and weeding during summer breaks.

The curb side of the house is the first thing anyone sees when approaching a home. If first impressions are everything, then how the exterior of the house looks is extremely important. Improving the appearance of a home doesn’t have to be complicated – even someone like me can do simple things to maintain gardens, lawns, and improve the cosmetics of the home’s exterior. Recognizing this and knowing that not everything can be done, NAR researched the impact of different projects so REALTORS® can recommend priority improvements.


The NAR Remodeling Impact Report: Outdoor Features assesses the cost of 10 outdoor projects, each project’s appeal to buyers, and how much homeowners can expect to recover on the project if they sell the home.

REALTORS® have access to content from HouseLogic on curb appeal that they can easily share with clients via social media, email, or print media. In this vein, NAR Library provides a Field Guide to Preparing & Staging a House for Sale, which includes articles on improving curb appeal to the home. REALTOR®Mag knows how important a topic this is, and routinely publishes timely articles covering ground such as how to achieve curb appeal in a drought, attracting young families to the listing, as well as a fool-proof watering device!

Can this last tip help the black thumbs among us? We will see, REALTOR®Mag. We will see…

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Abby Creitz

Manager, NAR Library & REALTOR® University Librarian

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  1. Almost home

    I love the NARBlogs. Thanks.

  2. Dianne Chalmers

    Hello Abby.

    I am a new Realtor and would like to know if I can re-post your Curb Appeal Blog ? I wasn’t sure I could because of the content below the report link.

    I believe the Blog would be helpful for friends and family.


  3. Abby Creitz

    Yes, please just cite us and link back to our blog. All NAR Members Only content is protected by passwords. Thank you for your interest!