What We’re Reading: December 19-22

Winter, biology, travel, archaeology, seasonal favorites, technology, and careers.

Curious what living on Mars might feel like? Chicagoans can tell you.

Snow is showing up in some unexpected places. Very unexpected. It has before, tooJames Mann 2014 James Mann/flickr/2014

Baby brain is a real thing, and it affects women longer than you might have thought.

Sounds like sibling behavior to us!

This holiday traffic forecast doesn’t surprise NAR employees headquartered in Chicago!

Pyramids in Illinois – who knew?!

Considering its long history, maybe we should give eggnog a try. After all, centuries of drinkers can’t be entirely wrong!

Contrary to what Doc Brown told us, there are roads in the future. They’re just paved with science.

Here’s a profession that has a future.

Abby Creitz

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