What We’re Reading: January 9-13

History, hacking, fast food, technology, home ownership, hygge, organization, Angel Shot, and cookies.

Our DC office is going to feel the crush of inauguration next week. Maine College is unveiling rare photographs of a historical inauguration soon.

In addition to being cheesy, giving the peace sign in pictures is now a security threatFred Miller 2010 Fred Miller/flickr/2010

Has Taco Bell gone too far this time?

Another year, another CES we didn’t get to attend. At least we have faithful bloggers bringing us the weird and wonderful.

Would you borrow more books if you didn’t have to make the effort to visit your library’s website instead of just Amazon?

Age is nothing but a number, as proven by this girl.

Snuggling on the couch with a hot chocolate is more than an activity — it’s a state of mind.

They say that a clear desk = a clear mind, but how do you get a clear desk?

When you can’t trust the person you met online, trust your bartender?

It’s Girl Scout Cookie time, so cookies are on our mind! Which cookie rates in your state?

Abby Creitz

NAR Web Content & Information Specialist

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