What We’re Reading: January 23-27

Oscars, shortcomings, seafood, technology, taxes, weather, and images.

The Academy of Arts and Sciences has released this year’s list of nominees! Which movie do you think tied with Titanic for most nominations?

Let’s be honest, not all of Alexa’s skills are impressive.

Why are salmon prices about to spikeAlaska Fish Habitat Partner 2013 Alaska Fish Habitat Partner/flickr/2013

Given this study, maybe we’ll reconsider how much we’re eating anyway.

Does your brain feel scattered, too? Maybe we should have less screen time, and more paper time.

When analog keys meet digital keys: a tale of Facebook security.

As of this past Monday, you could officially start filing your taxes. No, of course we haven’t either. Take a look at this information before you file too soon.

We were promised the coldest, snowiest winter by the Farmers’ Almanac, but it hasn’t shown up, so we look back to snow of epic proportions.

After this week, we need a moment of zen.


Abby Creitz

NAR Web Content & Information Specialist

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