What We’re Reading: February 20-24

Alternative housing, UPS, Facebook Privacy, Lemon Cake, Dirty Cash, Monopoly, and the Oscars.

We’ve heard of people living in “tiny houses”, but there are also some out there who’ve found alternative housing.

Left-hand turns…  are they unsafe and wasteful?  UPS thinks so.

The habits of these countries may be something you want to learn if you love to travel.

No, thank you, I have enough already!

You just never know what an offer of a reward will accomplish…

Here’s a viral challenge that should be avoided since the outcome could be dangerous!

This surprises no one.

This could save cyclists’ lives. Try the Dutch Reach

And, you thought it was to annoy you so you couldn’t take a nap.

You may want to audit your privacy settings for Facebook now that this tool is available.

Let’s remember animal safety when using electronics around them.

Another reason to only use your credit or debit cards.

These accidental renaissance pictures might be considered better than art history.

The results are in: Say goodbye to the thimble.

A new cafe opened in Manhattan this week. Thank you for being a friend.

A shopping centre in China is attempting to inject a bit of levity into its retail experience.

oscarsThe 89th Academy Awards is Sunday. Just how much is that Oscar worth and how are they made?






marcin wichary/flickr/2010