What We’re Reading: Feb. 27 – March 3

Fakes, weather, gas, home buying, life expectancy, technology, human impact, and moguls.

Ever wonder where Hollywood gets its props? This is it.

We are headquartered in Chicago, and something has been different this winter. We use the word “winter” loosely.

It’s OK, though. Soon we can start to enjoy these along the Riverwalk.

Find your car on this chart to avoid some potentially harrowing times on your next long drive. Now, quick! Which side of your car is your gas tank?Joe Strupek 2010 Joe Strupek/flickr/2010

Being a first time home buyer can be hard enough, but it’s particularly difficult in certain states.

For those of you worried about your kid ordering hundreds of dollars of toys via Alexa, rest easy — Amazon is working to enable Alexa to distinguish voices.

Life is long, but it’s longer for some.

Homes have become more efficient over the years — so much so that household energy spending has hit an all-time low.

We’re not sure why anyone tasted these in the first place, but there’s a logical reason for their terrible taste.

How do your Facebook reactions impact your News Feed?

Ready to go off the grid, but don’t want to lose your data? Good news.

Poor birds!

From slavery to real estate mogul: Biddy Mason.


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