What We’re Reading: March 6-10

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Ugh, it’s that time of year again. We think Arizona is onto something, but since we can’t ignore it, here are ways to make the best of it.

Denise Mattox Denise Mattox/flickr/2009

The concerns of libraries have changed over the years, but we’re sure this was very important at the time.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

We’ll live in Turin, Italy, but the other apartment buildings make us a little dizzy.

Remember that murder case involving Amazon Echo and the First Amendment? Amazon is now cooperating.

Also in Alexa news: she will now give medical advice.

Not that we need it since we are now drinking more of this than soda.

3-D printing has reached a new level of application.

If only these had been available 20 years ago…

Did you receive a letter from the Florida Board of Realtors? READ THIS.

Pantone has released it’s picks for Hot Colors of the Fall 2017, which begs the question: how often does Pantone think we repaint?

As of International Women’s Day, a new statue appeared in the NY Financial District.

Are you packing as efficiently as you could?

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