What We’re Reading: March 27-31

Architecture, design, technology, archeology, color, traditions, April Fools, and art.

A rendering of a new skyscraper has been released and is getting some mixed reviews. What do you think of it?

The modern pencil celebrated its 159th birthday this week! Aaron Harmon 2006 Aaron Harmon/flickr/2006

We have a lot of Anglophiles in our office who would appreciate this map.


Concerned about your online privacy? Don’t take just anyone’s advice on how to protect it.

21 massive dinosaur footprints were discovered on an Australian coast!

The blackest black is a little unsettling.

Who would have guessed Chicago gang members used to have business cards?

PSA: Tomorrow is April Fools Day. Don’t try these at home!

Maybe we are missing artistic nuances, but we think this representation is laughable. Others agree with us.



Abby Creitz

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