What We’re Reading: April 3-7

Weather, searching, safety, design, technology, nature, demographics, and retail.

Did you know we have a terrifying day of tornado outbreaks to thank for our emergency preparedness system?

Stop losing things and find that which you’ve misplaced.

Search results in Google will soon look a little different.

Well this is terrifying. Be safe when you charge your phone!

We celebrate Earth Day this month, but we should be practicing environment-friendly habits every day. Please recycleMatt Gibson 2007 Matt Gibson/flickr/2007

Speaking of cycles — why not upcycle or reuse like this Swedish shopping center models?

How many of us are going to walk into blue and red offices next week?

Hate sitting in the middle seat on planes? You might change your tune if a new design is implemented.

Whaaaaaat? No thanks, boss!

Just in case you can’t already tell when you are sick, here are some contact lenses that do just that.

Sick of using a small screen to view downloaded Netflix shows? Good news.

Frustrated with buying things that you rarely use? Maybe renting is the way to go.

We hear it’s Spring in some parts of the world — for those of you not still getting snow, it’s time to think about landscaping.

Yosemite National Park has a new initiative to keep bears wild.

Where are the Millennials moving? These are the top 10 cities.

Another retailer is shuttering hundreds of stores. What does this mean for American malls?

Abby Creitz

Manager, NAR Library & REALTOR® University Librarian

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