What We’re Reading: April 10-14

Taxes, physics, flying, mansions, offices, heights, names, goats, privacy, and nostalgia.

PSA: Tax Day is Monday, April 18! You can thank this man for the extension of this year’s deadline.

Steven Depolo 2014 Steven Depolo/flickr/2014

Is this what physicists mean by string theory?

One hopes that incidents, such as the United fiasco, never happen again, but be aware of your rights and the rules when traveling.

How big can a house be before it’s no longer a single-family dwelling?

Price aside, we are weary of the upkeep that would be needed on this huge place.

Apple wishes its offices were as eco-conscious as Etsy‘s! We hope Apples’s parking lot looks better than Tesla’s!

There has been a resounding “no” from our coworkers to swimming in this pool.

Our favorite prolific nerd, Neil deGrasse Tyson, made some amazing baby name suggestions for Beyonce and Jay-Z’s twins.

New life goal: hang out with baby goats learning to jump while wearing sweaters.

One of our Information Specialists discovered that the Facebook Messenger app was spying on her, even with the app closed and the phone turned off, so she created this field guide to help us all.

Let’s end our week flipping through a photo album of “a long-gone America.”

Abby Creitz

Manager, NAR Library & REALTOR® University Librarian

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