What We’re Reading: April 17-21

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Did you get your taxes done in time? Here are some fun tax facts until next year.

Access to easy transportation is driving the real estate market in some areas.

We previously shared an article about how Chicago storms 50 years ago brought about advanced weather warning systems, but here are personal accounts of the horrible day.

Who’s got two thumbs, a WiFi-enabled device, and an unhealthy sleep habit?

Daniel Aleksandersen 2017 Daniel Aleksandersen/flickr/2017

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do it, but you be you.

Has it really almost been 10 years since the first iPhone?

Who hasn’t forgotten a password? Facebook has developed a safer manner of account recovery.

Think you don’t have time to learn a new language? Think again.

A pristine Frank Lloyd Wright home is for sale in Wisconsin — check out the pics!

It sounds like a myth, but it’s real. Let’s drink one in here.

Do the function keys on your keyboard only collect dust? Maybe it’s time to learn what they do.

There’s a potato chip crisis in Japan. No, really.

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