What We’re Reading: May 1-5

Excess, marketing, architecture, technology, agriculture, benefits, property prices, and caffeine.

This has got to be the most superfluous utensil we’ve ever seen.

Speaking of unnecessary objects, here is a reflection piece on minimalism. It seems finding balance is the key to reducing stress at home.

Give us some other synonyms for unnecessary because we are going to look at offending McMansions.

Stats about video marketing — surprisingly, 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, the other 15% must be watched on the Blue Line by my fellow commuters.

Better or worse than gargoylesSon of Groucho 2012 Son of Groucho/flickr/2012

This is no joke, and aside from the sickness, it’s highly unsettling to feel your office building move and hear it creak.

Facebook’s latest initiative sounds like the premise to a Broken Mirror episode.

Your avocado habit is costing you more this year.

AAA is really embracing the whole “share the road” mentality cyclists have been pushing for decades.

Who is up for “Swiss hours” besides us? These perks sound amazing.

Which has higher property prices, Silicon Valley or Monaco?

Just in case your morning cup of coffee isn’t enough, why not infuse your bagel with some caffeine?



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