What We’re Reading: May 8-12

Homeownership, contests, technology, enviroment, sandwiches, allergies, and archives.

How far would you go to own in an expensive real estate market? Would you co-own your property? Spixey 2009 Spixey/flickr/2009

It seems silly to improve upon perfection, but there’s $500k at stake.

What don’t you do anymore now that technology does it for you?

So there has been an uptick in robocalls! We aren’t imagining it! Now let’s do something about it.

Environment has an impact on moods, so we are jealous of the future Amazon employees who get to enjoy this space.

Dream house tree house!

Ready to go green and need a new roof? Tesla has you covered!

There are reasons for our new Single Sign-On password requirements, and they are meant to protect your privacy.

Our department is guilty of discussing the definition of a sandwich. When will this be resolved?

If you have allergies, you probably don’t need to be told this. Brace yourself.

Archivists are used to describing their collections in terms of linear feet. The Stasi Archive has 69 miles of archival materials.


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