What We’re Reading: May 15-19

IEQ, MP3 files, food, phones, housing costs, starts, architecture, and #hashtags.

How “healthy” is your building?

So long, MP3, and thanks for the memories!

Next time you are in Chicago visiting NAR, take a walk down Michigan Avenue to the world’s first Nutella Cafebrownpau 2012 brownpau/flickr/2012

This convenience could be a big problem.

Is your phone use getting in the way of your relationships?

Would foregoing avocado toast really afford you a house? Not so much. Maybe try some other ways to save. Or try a new paradigm for housing.

There is a shortage of home builders, which is causing a ripple effect.

Don’t worry, those cracks in the walls are intentional.

Just in  case you ever wondered where the hashtag came from, here’s the story.

Abby Creitz

NAR Web Content & Information Specialist

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