What We’re Reading: May 22 – 26

Workplaces, sandwiches, books, Star Wars, Lincoln’s love, and the future.

We’re not saying money isn’t important, but this guy is seriously underestimating the effect of ball pits on our happiness at work. Maret Hosemann 2011 Maret Hosemann/flickr/2011

So you’ve adjusted your monitor or now you stand at work, but your body still feels battered? Check out the chart in this article to get your desk settings right.

IBM should rethink this policy change.

Why can’t we just all agree on what a sandwich is and what it is not?

Amazon disrupted the brick and mortar bookstore business, so this feels strange.

Some solid book recommendations from Bill Gates for this summer!

Why are doughnut boxes usually pink? For a very basic reason.

The 40th anniversary of Star Wars was this week, and overdue apologies were made.

We are history buffs around here, and this blog post about Lincoln’s first love had us riveted.

Robots that fold laundry? Shut up and take our money.


Abby Creitz

Manager, NAR Library & REALTOR® University Librarian

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