What We’re Reading: July 24-28

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Did you know that this classic fairground ride is rooted in war?

Sure, being able to get a packet of Grandma’s Mini Sandwich Cookies out of the vending machine without having cash on you sounds good, but do you want your sandwich cookie habit tracked by your employer?

Always be aware of your privacy and what data you share — even when it comes to your vacuum. Here’s how to opt out if you don’t want that data shared.

Rob Pongsajapan 2008

Rob Pongsajapan/flickr/2008

Obviously, include a “blow-through” floor rather than make occupants sick from the sway of a skyscraper. Yikes!

How do you suppose these would impact the value of a property? Good or bad?

Jeff Bezos is the richest ma — no, wait, scratch that.

How has Google changed your brain?

The Library of Congress has opened access to a huge amount of data.

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