What We’re Reading: August 7-11

Street art, costuming, icons, architecture, taxes, housing market, short-term rentals, eclipse, and loopholes.

Bansky has a lot going for himself, but whomever is responsible for these is amazing!

Costuming is an art, and these were sourced from a favorite Swedish flat packing furniture and textile store.

Maria Korolov 2015

Maria Korolov/flickr/2015

These iconic structures and artwork have their own secrets to share.

This iconic mansion is on the market for a cool $350 million.

These condos offer more than your common luxury amenities.

Taxes are one of life’s certainties, and it turns out that if you don’t pay them, someone else might. It won’t end well for you.

How is the housing market impacted by Baby Boomers who choose to age in place?

Ever wondered how much money your home would fetch for a short-term rental?

We talk a lot about solar panels on this blog — how will they be affected by the solar eclipse?

Lawyers are good at finding loopholes, and this is a clever way around regional high office costs.



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