What We’re Reading: August 14-18

Policy, pricing, eclipse, the future, driving, wellness, and success.

“Two Pizza Rule?” Sounds like a recipe for productivity to us!

Graffiti doesn’t always have this impact on property value, but this street art is certainly making a mark on prices.

Speaking of house prices, this one didn’t sell, so they…raised the price?

The eclipse is almost upon us. Here’s how to watch it! Here are cheap viewing instruments! Here’s a live stream in case you’re not in a good viewing location! And here’s a cautionary tale!

Nakae 2012


Another car company steers toward autonomous vehicles.

Would you prefer an autonomous car to navigate these roads, or would you rather take it on yourself?

Feeling scattered? Maybe it’s time for a brain dump.

Looking for simple ways to improve your chances of success? Look to these habits of highly successful people.

Abby Creitz

NAR Web Content & Information Specialist

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  1. Rossie

    Thanks for reminding me about the solar eclipse