What We’re Reading: Aug. 28-Sept. 1

Hurricane Harvey, “resimercial,” solar energy, marketing, art, biometrics, childhood, and Apple rumors.

The REALTORS® Relief Foundation is one way of helping victims of the destruction Hurricane Harvey has left in its wake.

As good as a beer might sound to dull the stress, Anheuser-Busch is canning something more valuable to hurricane victims at this time.

The impact of Hurricane Harvey’s flood waters extends well beyond water damage.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 2017

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/flickr/2017

As Mr. Rogers’ mother said, “Look for the helpers.” Helpers come to each other’s aid wherever crisis strikes.

Oh good — there’s a portmanteau for making an office feel like a home.

And here’s a good way to make an office building feel like a generator.

We’re not surprised that this marketing ploy worked — are you?

Good street art can elevate a neighborhood.

Regarding phone facial recognition, Dan Tentler, a security researcher, says, “It’s like setting your password to ‘password’ then tattooing it on your forehead. Then becoming a television news anchor, or a vlogger, or something.” Tell us how you really feel, Dan.

Did you continue reading to your kids after they learned to read for themselves?

Maybe stay at home and read to your kids instead of taking them to any of these playgrounds.

Will these iPhone 8 predictions pan out? If the internet is to be believed, we’ll find out Sept. 12.

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