What We’re Reading: September 18-22

Pumpkin spice, New Vocabulary Words, Greening the Workspace, Bitcoin Real Estate Deals and Animal Photography

Sick of Pumpkin spice already? (Personally, I was never into it in the first place)

pumpkin spice






Could binge watching TV be killing you or wrecking your sleeping habits?

Retrofitted houses stand up to the latest Hurricane in Florida.

New vocabulary is the spice of life and Merriam-Webster has once again expanded their dictionary. Just because the language is ever-changing, doesn’t mean you can’t strive for impeccable speech.

CRT LABS has a green wall in the Chicago office. It turns out that green walls have many of the benefits of a green roof. Looking for ways to beautify the exterior? Try some of these unique border ideas to spice up your garden.

Animal photography – just because!

This real estate deal is the first to use solely cryptocurrency!

Bill Gates wishes he could go back and make this an easier process.

Bookstores are dying faster than ever these days, but these are a cause for celebration!