What We’re Reading: September 25-29

The Chicago Cubs, Levi’s Jacket, New iOS 11, Microsoft Office 2019, Twitter, Hipster Neighborhoods, and Repurposed Mines

It may be easy to miss this cottage tucked just outside of Wrigley Field. Bill Murray has been approached to play the coach in the movie about the Cubs’ World Series Win. Speaking of the Cubs, they just clinched the National League Central Division Title!

Here’s a very unique house design made up of a cluster of cargo containers.

The touch-sensitive jacket from Levi is finally available, making it possible to control your smartphone with a touch to your sleeve!

All the features you need to know about the new iOS 11. Here’s why you shouldn’t charge your phone overnight

Is Twitter giving users exactly what they didn’t ask for?

Bill Gates uses an Android phone, plus the next version of Microsoft Office is coming to a computer near you sometime next year.

Expressing yourself in chat lingo – showdown between “haha” vs. “lol”.

Looking for the hipster neighborhoods in your city?

If you hear these things said at your workplace, it’s time to take action and get your job search moving!

I don’t know about you, but #2 in this list sounds completely amazing!

Unhealthy things, that are actually good for you?  I’m in!

Stop throwing away your empty toilet paper rolls!






This shiplap is sailing away…  Fixer Upper is ending after season 5.

Make Halloween safer for kids with allergies by taking part in the teal pumpkin project.