What We’re Reading: October 16-20

Office haunts, security, natural disasters, family, environment, heating, germs, nuisance, and Halloween.

It would be a little difficult to get those TPS reports done with restless spirits about!

Better make sure there aren’t any images of your keys out there!

Can people avoid the path of destruction? Unfortunately, unlikely.

Has it really come to this?

 Mark Morgan 2012

Mark Morgan/flickr/2015

Toronto will soon be a smart city.

We would love to get data on the indoor air quality of this apartment.

We don’t need sensors to know that the air quality of this workplace would be heavenly.

Servers throw off a lot of heat, so why not use that energy in a positive way?

Want to avoid illness and create awkward business and social encounters? We have a way!

People just will not stop throwing pizzas on this famous roof!

Noted. We won’t bother trick or treating in South Carolina, Alabama, New Mexico, Michigan, or Idaho.


Abby Creitz

Manager, NAR Library & REALTOR® University Librarian

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