What We’re Reading: Nov. 13-17

Thanksgiving prep, design, and tech.

This marvelous product from Stove Top is sold out, but maternity pants should still do the trick.

Just a reminder for the novice Thanksgiving chefs out there that the Butterball Hotline really does exist.

grassrootsgroundswell 2011


Don’t mistake us for ungrateful, but we wish we worked in this library!

Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia might still be under construction, but this one is done and is open to the public!

What a beautiful repurposing of space.

Take a peek at what the future holds for housing.

These uniforms are out of this world!

We bet our CRT Labs friends will plan a trip to this town once it’s up and running.

Ever feel like your digital life is out of control? Maybe it’s time to detox.




Abby Creitz

Manager, NAR Library & REALTOR® University Librarian

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