What We’re Reading: Nov. 20-22

Thanksgiving, lies, presents, contests, design, finance, and housing cycles.

Hosting for the holiday? Check out these tips to make your guests feel at home.

Did you start brining your turkey yesterday? Need AI support?

Ever wonder how the giant balloons are made for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Here are some more facts about the famous parade.

Thanksgiving parades didn’t start out so innocently.

Anthony Quintano 2013

Anthony Quintano/flickr/2013

The cocktail is a lie.

Need gift ideas for the upcoming holidays? Check out these top-rated gadgets from the past year.

Our members would have no trouble selling these houses.

Hero dad story behind cult favorite cooking device.

These houses aren’t just tiny, they’re stackable!

We wonder what Hetty Green would think of Bitcoin.

The existing home market in Japan is different from the one in the US.


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