What We’re Reading: Jan. 29 – Feb. 2

New products, tech tips, design, real estate, Super Bowl parties, PR, fitness, and librarians.

This is a pretty exciting product from a company called “Boring.” Oh, it’s not that kind of boring? Our mistake.

Are you optimizing Google searches? Try these tips.

Amazon’s design theme for this space is a little on the nose.

Have you been part of a transaction involving Bitcoin?

Zach Copley 2013

Zach Copley/flickr/2013

Inexpensive Italian real estate is up for grabs…with some caveats.

Why is Dollar Store so successful? Location, location, location.

Super Bowl watch parties are not cheap, but they’re not predicted to run as high as previous years. You want the best picture possible when you sit down to watch the big game this weekend – here are the best TV settings from Consumer Reports.

They’re no Wendy’s, but Crock-Pot’s social media response to a popular show’s episode was handled well. Do you have a crisis PR plan in place?

Get fit and improve the world around you with this Swedish fitness trend.

This pre-WWII program combines two wonderful things: librarians and horses!


Abby Creitz

Manager, NAR Library & REALTOR® University Librarian

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  1. I clicked on your link about librarians and horses. People today have no idea how difficult life was for people during the “Great Depression”. Imagine not being able to read? Imagine not having access to all the information we have today via the internet? Kids today should read that article so that they can understand how fortunate they are to be able to go to school and create a great future for themselves.