What We’re Reading: February 19-23

Design, Olympics, history, strategy, and focus.

Apple’s new campus might be beautiful, but its occupants face challenges.

Tiny house designs maximize use of space, but you don’t need to live in a tiny house to apply their ideas.

Guys, this hotel is literally an arctic circle.

Stròlic Furlàn - Davide Gabino 2014

Stròlic Furlàn – Davide Gabino/flickr/2014

3-D printed housing? Of course.

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear great pants.

That a lock of George Washington’s hair was  recently found isn’t the oddest part of this story.

Here’s a winning tip to use in the real estate board game.

Who among us couldn’t use help dealing with distractions in the office?


Abby Creitz

Manager, NAR Library & REALTOR® University Librarian

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