What We’re Reading: December 17-21

The greatest Christmas movie ever made, a $3 million dollar Tiffany lamp, tracking down a stolen tiny house and much more compiled by Anne-Marie Siudzinski, Senior Library Information Specialist.

Alexa makes shopping easy.  Even a parrot can do it!

Beware of a Netflix phishing scam.

Offshore wind lease plots have just sold for $400 million. Three years ago, one parcel from this area were sold for $1.50 an acre and one parcel sold for less than a dollar. How times change.


Aleksandr Zykov/flickr/2017

You can purchase this beautiful pinecone treehouse.  It features a geodesic structure and a platform is set high up in the trees.

The greatest Christmas movie ever is Die Hard.  It’s just like A Christmas Story but with explosions.

Can rabbit DNA in a plant remove benzene and chloroform from the air?  Professor Stuart Strand of the University of Washington thinks so.

Why is this lamp worth $3 million dollars?

A former NASA engineer outwits package thieves with glitter.

Breaking in to phones with a 3-d replica of your face.  Seems like a lot of trouble personally.

Alternative Christmas trees.

Her tiny house was stolen. Then she tracked it down.



Anne-Marie Siudzinski

Anne-Marie Siudzinski MS, AWHD, e-Pro®, Green, RSPS, SRES, is a senior information specialist for member support at the National Association of REALTORS®.

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  1. Some great links here. Thanks for the information. I wish I would have read about the netflix phishing scam sooner.