What We’re Reading–December 24-28

A famous NASA photo, storing your Christmas lights, how to grip the steering wheel and much more compiled by Anne-Marie Siudzinski, Senior Library Information Specialist.

We were punked by the glitter bomb anti-theft device.

The history of the NASA Earthrise photo.

Christmas lights storage hacks.

    Tom Ipri/flickr/2011

Tips for working smarter in 2019.

10 and 2 or 9 and 3.  What is the best way to hold a steering wheel?

The country’s oldest veteran has passed away at 112 years old.  We thank him for his service.

This takes guts, and planning. Not sure about this adventure.

Is this movie within a movie a real movie or fake movie?  Now we have the truth.

No, aliens have not landed in Queens, says the New York City Police Department.

Anne-Marie Siudzinski

Anne-Marie Siudzinski MS, AWHD, e-Pro®, Green, RSPS, SRES, is a senior information specialist for member support at the National Association of REALTORS®.

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