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Graffiti and property values

Every so often the library is asked to confirm or locate a report attributed to NAR that says graffiti lowers property values by 15 to 20 percent. Unfortunately this report does not exist, at least to the best of...
February 10, 2014

Conversion Ratios and Cold-Calling

A member called us this week asking how many cold-calls would she need to make a week to be successful. Not such an easy question as a lot of factors come into play – what is successful? How good...
April 5, 2013

Employment/Investor Visas

A member recently asked us if we had ever heard of a program where foreign nationals can fast-track his or her way to a permanent resident visa in exchange for investing and generating a certain number of new jobs...
November 28, 2012

Overpriced and no showings?

Here at NAR Information Central we frequently get asked to verify statements such as “If you have been listed for 14 days and have no showings, that means your home is overpriced.” Or someone has seen that NAR said...
August 20, 2012

Getting Creative with Yard Signs

Not haunted.  Indoor plumbing.  Love shack, baby. Phrases not normally seen on For Sale signs.  An article in the Wall Street Journal Developments blog highlights the marketing idea of Jake Palmer, a Canadian real estate agent. He likes using...
July 3, 2012

Value of For Sale Signs

Recently a member asked us for research on the value of For Sale yard signs. Looking back on our buyer seller surveys, the value of yard signs has only increased over the last 20 years. In 1995, only 37...
June 6, 2012

The Average REALTOR® (Cont’d)

Our archivist saw my earlier post on the average REALTOR® and wanted to point out that NAR’s first member profile was conducted in 1949. While much has changed, several demographics – such as age – remain remarkably similar. Click...
February 1, 2012

The Average REALTOR®

A member asked us this week how the ‘average’ REALTOR® has changed over the last few decades. The short answer is surprisingly not very much. Member Profiles in published form go back at least until the mid-1970s, but it’s a...
February 1, 2012

The Discount Experience

Last week we mentioned an article that compared Apple stores to Sears. This week, Forbes has an article that, in part, compares Best Buy to Amazon. Mostly the article is just about the gradual failure of another big box...
January 4, 2012

Flood Maps and Google Earth

FEMA has a pretty good online mapping tool for flood insurance maps but if you are a fan of Google Earth, there is a nice overlay for that too. You need to have downloaded Google Earth to your computer....
August 25, 2011