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From the NAR Archives: Ike speaks on REALTORS® and the economy

From the NAR Archives: In a breakfast meeting with about 1,100 Realtors and guests at the National Association’s Midwinter Meetings in January 1960, President Dwight D. Eisenhower commended Realtors for their efforts in strengthening the economy and urged them...
October 6, 2008

Nixon Warned REALTORS® about Red Peril

OCTOBER 2008 — In October 1950 California REALTORS® gathered in Santa Cruz’s Casa del Rey hotel for their 46th Annual Convention. The keynote speaker at the opening session was the well known Congressman Richard M. Nixon, who had made...
September 30, 2008

Legislative Proposal text

Looking for the actual text of the proposed legislation for the US Treasury to purchase mortgage related assets — the $700 billion proposal? You can find it via the Washington Post. Edit: 09/29/08: Draft of the revised plan via...
September 23, 2008

Safety is job 1!

This week is REALTOR® Safety Week. Information Central has some tips and ideas for you. You meet lots of people in the real estate business–some nice and some not so nice. Learn how to protect yourself at open houses,...
September 16, 2008

REALTOR® Fenton Parke helped build Buffalo

SEPTEMBER 2008 — On September 21, 1966, more than six hundred REALTORS® and friends met in Buffalo’s Statler-Hilton Hotel to honor REALTOR® Fenton M. Parke and celebrate his 100th birthday. Local historian Roy W. Nagle had long known the...
September 11, 2008

The global real estate project

Looking for real estate data from around the world? The Global Real Estate Project is a reference tool for international real estate research. It provides real estate trends, local contacts, and market information (data as of 2007) for different...
August 19, 2008

Affordable Housing

We have recently updated our Field Guide to Affordable Housing. The nation’s housing affordability crisis is fed by economic, demographic, and regulatory characteristics. The issue will not go away on its own. Because wages have not kept pace with...
August 15, 2008

San Francisco’s Grace Perego, a REALTOR® success story

AUGUST 2008 – In 1927 real estate was a profession dominated by men. One woman who dared to succeed was REALTOR® Grace Perego from San Francisco. At NAREB’s Twentieth Annual Convention in 1927 she had the distinction of addressing...
August 14, 2008

A blast from the future

From the NAR Archives: Laser-powered lockboxes, driverless talking cars, and some seriously funky clothing are just a few of the features of the real estate industry of the future — or at least they were in 1991, when this...

Tom Ingersoll, the most popular man in Realtydom

JULY 2008 -To REALTORS® he was “Our Tom.” The first full-time staff hired by the National Association of Real Estate Boards, Tom Ingersoll served as Secretary (Executive Vice President today) from 1911 to 1922. Also referred to as “The...
July 1, 2008