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Conversion Ratios and Cold-Calling

A member called us this week asking how many cold-calls would she need to make a week to be successful. Not such an easy question as a lot of factors come into play – what is successful? How good...
April 5, 2013

A Compendium of Resources for First-Time Home Buyers

We recently compiled a list of resources for first-time home buyers, and came up with a nice list of information from the National Association of REALTORS®, REALTOR® Magazine online,, and HUD. Field Guides from NAR Field Guide to...
March 28, 2013

Podcasting Field Guide Updated

Podcasts were the flavor of the moment a few years ago, a place now occupied by Facebook and Twitter. While the white heat is off podcasting, it still is a powerful and popular method of distributing both audio and...
December 16, 2009

Time Management For Real Estate Professionals

Meetings with clients, open houses, listing presentations, marketing. . . How can a busy REALTOR® squeeze it all in without feeling squeezed? You’ll find a few answers in this page of articles, books, and Web pages on time management...
March 13, 2009

Surviving & Thriving in a Slowing Market

Every market has its ups and downs, and real estate is certainly no exception. When a hot housing market begins to cool down, REALTORS®, sellers and buyers all need to readjust their strategies and expectations. This Field Guide offers...
October 15, 2008

Effects of Power Lines on Property Values

The concern over electromagnetic fields emitted by power lines has long been a topic of conversation for the real estate industry. New studies and conflicting reports are being published every year. The public’s knowledge, perception, and interpretation of this...
October 9, 2008

Safety is job 1!

This week is REALTOR® Safety Week. Information Central has some tips and ideas for you. You meet lots of people in the real estate business–some nice and some not so nice. Learn how to protect yourself at open houses,...
September 16, 2008

Dealing with Stigmatized Property

Do you dare disclose if there is murder or mayhem at your listing? What are the professional and logistical challenges if there is a well publicized ghost on your next property? Don’t despair, help is here! This updated Field...
August 22, 2008

Wind Farm Impact on Property Values

With recent upswings in energy prices and increased concern over global warming, wind energy and wind farming have become hot topics. Wind power is one of the fastest growing sources of electricity generation. While much past growth has taken...
August 18, 2008

Affordable Housing

We have recently updated our Field Guide to Affordable Housing. The nation’s housing affordability crisis is fed by economic, demographic, and regulatory characteristics. The issue will not go away on its own. Because wages have not kept pace with...
August 15, 2008