Research Tips Archive

Research on Modular Housing

Recently a member contacted the NAR library for research on modular homes, including their resale value and impact on adjacent property values. We provided articles, reports, statistics, and additional resources that may be helpful in building the case that...
October 10, 2012

Split-Tax Rate Research

Recently a Massachusetts REALTOR asked for research on split-tax rates for real property tax. His community had a single tax rate for residential and commercial properties but was thinking of breaking them apart so commercial properties would be taxed...
September 17, 2012

Overpriced and no showings?

Here at NAR Information Central we frequently get asked to verify statements such as “If you have been listed for 14 days and have no showings, that means your home is overpriced.” Or someone has seen that NAR said...
August 20, 2012

The ABC’s of Information Savvy

With such an abundance of information on the web these days you can scarcely type a few letters into a search engine without returning dozens upon dozens of results. The challenge? Wading through the muck to find the golden...
November 9, 2010

Relocation – details and broad strokes

Here at Information Central we are frequently asked for guidance from members looking for information on where people in their community are moving to as well as who is moving in. Generally members are either looking to prospect outside...
June 21, 2010

Info Central’s Video Update – Feb. 2010

Welcome to NAR Info Central’s new monthly video update!  This first edition takes a look at some of the homebuyer tax credit resources available on, explores the latest Public Awareness Campaign ads, and explains why your NAR membership...
February 17, 2010