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Millennials and Real Estate

Depending on who you ask, I may or may not be a Millennial (Pew includes birth years 1980-2000), however other institutions cut me off by a couple years). However, I largely identify with that generation, and it’s a group...
August 19, 2015

Graphics for Home Sellers

One of the most challenging aspects of working with home sellers is helping them understand the necessity of pricing a home for sale at fair market value. Fair market value is defined as: “The most probable price for which...
March 12, 2015

New Brokerage Resources

Starting a new brokerage and don’t know where to begin? The NAR offers numerous resources to point you in the right direction and help ensure the success of your new business venture. We’ll try not to overwhelm with too...
January 13, 2015

Neighborhood Farming: Advice from Your Peers

Lead generation and neighborhood farming are two topics we receive many questions about in Information Central. Recently, the NAR LinkedIn Group featured an insightful discussion on this topic, with experienced and successful REALTORS® across the country sharing their expert...
December 23, 2014

Developing a Marketing Plan

Adapted from an image by Daniela Vladimirova (CC License) In the first article of this two-part series, we covered the basics of developing a marketing budget and gathering market research (access part 1 here). In this second article we...
September 11, 2014

Finding Information About Your Market

Frequently we receive marketing related questions in the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Library such as “What percent of the total budget should be allocated to marketing?” or “To which channels should those marketing dollars be directed?”, “What sources are...
September 10, 2014

What We’re Reading: Aug. 23-Sept. 5

Homeowner’s Insurance, Passive-Aggressive Products, and Green Real Estate Insuring the home adequately against the gamut of natural and made-made disasters can prove tricky. Some California home owners learned this the hard way with the recent earthquake in Napa Valley....
September 5, 2014

Mortgage debt cancellation relief still in limbo

This week a member asked us on Facebook for the latest info on a possible extension of the Mortgage Debt Cancellation Relief tax break. So I contacted NAR’s tax policy analyst for an update on the issue. As a bit...
July 16, 2014

Graffiti and property values

Every so often the library is asked to confirm or locate a report attributed to NAR that says graffiti lowers property values by 15 to 20 percent. Unfortunately this report does not exist, at least to the best of...
February 10, 2014

A FREE product that’s really worth something

NAR’s research group puts out lots of great reports. Some are free and some you have to pay for. Probably THE MOST POPULAR report is the annual NAR Profile of Buyers and Sellers. Here’s where you’ll find ‘where buyers...
January 7, 2014