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Top Field Guides for September 2016

Field Guides are one-stop resource packages on dozens of subjects of interest to REALTORS®. On each page you’ll find links to articles, books, web sites, statistics, and other material on each subject. The list of the most-used field guides from...
October 3, 2016

Social Media Ease

Forbes recently ran an article on tips for mastering social media for small businesses that got me thinking about all the great resources National Association of REALTORS® makes available to its members in order to optimize their time and...
July 13, 2015

What We’re Reading: Feb 7-Feb 13

Online Privacy, Fitness in 1964, and Penguins in Sweaters Technology exists in our lives in many forms. It offers convenience, entertainment, and often a sense of security. However, for every convenience technology offers, there is a trade off. This...
February 13, 2015

Millennials and the Curated Web

and Why I Chose Pinterest over Google When looking for a squash recipe for this Thanksgiving, I turned to Pinterest instead of Google. “Why?” you might ask. I turned to Pinterest because it is part of the curated web....
December 8, 2014

eBook Promo ending soon!

Just a quick reminder that our MVP+ promotion with eBooks ends in a couple of days (end of the day March 15). If you haven’t taken action yet, you still have time! From March 1 to March 15, 2014,...
March 13, 2014

Download FREE ebooks, receive a Social Media guide through MVP

The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® is proud to offer Member Value Plus (MVP), a rewards program that helps you take part in your Association, plus get rewarded for your participation. By acting on the immense value of NAR offerings,...
March 1, 2014

Posting to your FB Business Page from RCR/

One of our most frequent calls from members on using the REALTOR® Content Resource (RCR®) is how to share articles on a Facebook Page rather than your personal profile. If you simply follow the steps as outlined, you aren’t given...
November 7, 2013

What We’re Reading: Feb. 2 – Feb. 8

The end of EveryBlock, Monopoly’s new token, and Florida foreclosures If you were an EveryBlock fan, you know that the hyper-local news site is no more. It abruptly shut down this week as owner NBC decided it just wasn’t...
February 8, 2013

What We’re Reading: Sept. 24 – Sept. 30

Coldwell Banker’s tech model, the new Kindle Fire, and do iPods make us unsocial? Most of us can’t go a full day without connecting in some way via social media – and some of us couldn’t last a full...
September 30, 2011

One Post and Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blog Are Up-To-Date!

You tweet. You Facebook. Maybe you blog too. But do you view these as three distinct entities? If you are having trouble keeping pace with your social media accounts, consider using a tool like HootSuite, Posterous, or CoTweet. These...
September 22, 2011