This Month in Real Estate History Archive

The precursor to NAR: A National Association in Nashville

MARCH 2007 – In 1892, sixteen years before NAR was born, over 800 men gathered in Nashville to organize a national association of real estate men. J. C. Bartholf,, editor of Milwaukee’s Real Estate News, predicted the meeting would...
March 1, 2007

J. C. Nichols, City Planner and REALTOR®

FEBRUARY 2007 – In February 1950 Jesse Clyde (J. C.) Nichols died in his Kansas City home. Real estate professionals and builders mourned “the dean of real estate,” “the inspiring force for modern city planning” and “one of the...
February 1, 2007

Attracting Prospects “To the Knobs”

JANUARY 2007 – Motoring out of Cincinnati in 1918, city dwellers saw a new and inviting sign on Clifton Avenue. A pointing hand against the white paint directed them “To the Knobs.” More of the signs guided visitors to...
January 1, 2007