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Building Your Real Estate Website Recommendations from the NAR LinkedIn Group We often get the question in Information Central, “Who do you recommend to make a website for my brokerage?” Recently the NAR LinkedIn Group discussed this exact topic,...
September 5, 2014

Marketing the Waterfront Property

Recently we received a research request from a REALTOR® on how to market waterfront properties. Read on below for our resources, tidbits, and data findings. From REALTOR® Magazine: Marketing top-line features for luxury buyers, (REALTOR Magazine, Jan. 2011): “For...
September 6, 2012

Flood Maps and Google Earth

FEMA has a pretty good online mapping tool for flood insurance maps but if you are a fan of Google Earth, there is a nice overlay for that too. You need to have downloaded Google Earth to your computer....
August 25, 2011

Relocation – details and broad strokes

Here at Information Central we are frequently asked for guidance from members looking for information on where people in their community are moving to as well as who is moving in. Generally members are either looking to prospect outside...
June 21, 2010

Social Networking Privacy

Social networking is about sharing information, opening up your life to new people, and building a virtual community. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your eyes open. As social networks like Facebook and Twitter become an integral part...
December 2, 2009

The global real estate project

Looking for real estate data from around the world? The Global Real Estate Project is a reference tool for international real estate research. It provides real estate trends, local contacts, and market information (data as of 2007) for different...
August 19, 2008

Neighborhood Walkability from Walk Score

WalkScore.com is a website for determining how easy (or hard) it is to live a car-lite lifestyle in a neighborhood. WalkScore calculates the walkability by measuring the distance to stores, restaurants, schools, parks and other neighborhood amenities and ranks...
June 24, 2008