Being a REALTOR® Archive

Home Energy Use

It’s officially Winter, and I found a way to heat my apartment for free! Of course it involves coincidence and an overheated restaurant below my apartment, so it’s not scalable. For those of you who don’t live over people...
December 21, 2016

Business Coaches

There are many reasons to turn to a coach. We seek out coaches to elevate teams to the next level; we hire coaches to teach us how to evaluate life choices; and we engage coaches to personally tailor plans...
July 27, 2016

Trademark in the Archives, Part III: Proper Use of REALTOR®

In honor of the REALTOR® Trademark Centennial, we’ve looked back through the NAR Archives to share documents that tell the history of the term. The third post in this series examines NAR’s vigilance in maintaining the correct usage of...
July 7, 2016