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What We’re Reading: Aug. 17 – Aug. 23

Airport libraries, sprayable energy, and (one of) the world’s oldest professions A real estate broker sounds like a modern profession, right?  Not really, according to a new exhibit at Chicago’s Oriental Institute. “This stone I was photographed with has...
August 23, 2013

What We’re Reading this Week: Jan. 5 – Jan. 11

Post-Millennial trends, CES, and the home in Les Miz. Millennials are the young buyers of today, and REALTORS are stretching their social media skills in order to reach them. But what about the next round? While not scientific, Josh...
January 11, 2013

What We’re Reading: Aug. 20 – Aug. 27

Disney house, Facebook changes, and money matters Notorious for copyright protection, Disney surprised a developer and architect in Utah when it agreed to allow them to build a replica of the house from the Disney-Pixar movie ‘Up’. According to...
August 26, 2011

What We’re Reading: June 18 – June 24

Housing & the recovery, tweeting, and real estate advice from Vanilla Ice The collapse in housing construction was caused by overactive building, right? Only partly. While single-family construction soared during the boom, multi-family construction remained relatively stable before falling...
June 24, 2011

What We’re Reading: June 11 – June 17

Bill Gates, the American Dream, and Father’s Day ‘Loose lips sink ships’ was the saying. The same holds true in the real estate biz. Agents, buyers, and sellers will look for any trickle of information to help in negotiating...
June 17, 2011