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What We’re Reading: June 20-24

Distracted or Tired at work?, drone legislation, IKEA museum, Instagram and public libraries. Distracted at work? The open-plan office setup might be part of the problem. Tired at work? Chances are, you’re probably taking a break on Facebook.  ...
June 24, 2016

What We’re Reading: Oct. 15 – Oct. 21

Housing declines dragging down broader economy, visas for int’l buyers, and why you might suck at twitter The New York Times had an article that diagnoses our national economic gloom to be a result of falling housing prices. The...
October 21, 2011

What We’re Reading: April 16 – April 24

iPhone tracking, ordering to overeat, and how to cook the Easter Bunny. This week brought news of movement on Capitol Hill toward Internet and technology privacy legislation, presciently timed with recent news of the iPhone and iPad tracking issue....
April 22, 2011

Don’t believe it!

In the last few months Information Central has been receiving some calls from members concerned over two different claims have been made about recently enacted or pending legislation that would impact home sales. Both are false. The first says...
July 28, 2010

NFIP and Homebuyer Tax Credit Closing Deadline Both Extended

From the Realtor Action Center: Congress has passed an extension of the closing deadling for the Homebuyer Tax Credit, the Homebuyer Assistance and Improvement Act (H.R. 5623). The extension applies only to transactions that have ratified contracts in place as...
July 1, 2010