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What We’re Reading: May 18 – May 24

Oklahoma Tornado, scratching an itch, and the next World’s Tallest Building goes up in record time Can you catch up on lost sleep? Do short naps actually work? New research suggests the answer is yes. In the wake of...
May 24, 2013

What We’re Reading: June 2 – June 8

iPhone 5 leaks, preservation & automation Apple seems to be having more problems this go-round keeping its next generation iPhone prototype under wraps. The latest leak shows the elongated back cover. Twitter has unveiled its new bird logo with...
June 8, 2012

What We’re Reading: Aug. 6 – Aug. 12

Dubai office space woes, Twitter, and welcome to Spotify With office vacancy standing at over 40 percent and on its way above 50 percent as new construction comes online, you would think Dubai would be a tenants’ market. However,...
August 12, 2011