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What We’re Reading: Feb. 2 – Feb. 8

The end of EveryBlock, Monopoly’s new token, and Florida foreclosures If you were an EveryBlock fan, you know that the hyper-local news site is no more. It abruptly shut down this week as owner NBC decided it just wasn’t...
February 8, 2013

What We’re Reading: Nov. 10 – Nov. 16

Fiscal cliff, Facebook fakes, and Thanksgiving travel tips Now that the election is over, the nation can prepare for the next crisis: the Fiscal Cliff. But what is it and why should we be concerned? Forbes gives a nice...
November 17, 2012

What We’re Reading: Sept. 10 – Sept. 16

Thievery, Tailgating, and Tips for Your Tool Belt As digital thieves contrive ever more clever and convoluted traps, we must remain vigilant about protecting our online identities–keep your coterie in lock-down and personal information secure. It’s takes two to...
September 16, 2011

What We’re Reading: Aug. 27 – Sept. 2

Homeownership declines in all but elderly in last 20 years, real estate auctions & customer service hell Conforming mortgage limits are dropping at the beginning of October from $729,750 to $625,500, meaning that buyers looking for homes priced over...
September 2, 2011

What We’re Reading: Aug. 20 – Aug. 27

Disney house, Facebook changes, and money matters Notorious for copyright protection, Disney surprised a developer and architect in Utah when it agreed to allow them to build a replica of the house from the Disney-Pixar movie ‘Up’. According to...
August 26, 2011

What We’re Reading: July 16 – July 22

Debt ceilings, MID, and getting a $300k house for $16 Discussions over raising the debt ceiling have dominated news coverage for the past week. The impact of any failure could be widespread and will include the housing market. NPR talks...
July 22, 2011

What We’re Reading: April 16 – April 24

iPhone tracking, ordering to overeat, and how to cook the Easter Bunny. This week brought news of movement on Capitol Hill toward Internet and technology privacy legislation, presciently timed with recent news of the iPhone and iPad tracking issue....
April 22, 2011

What We’re Reading: Jan. 22 – Jan. 28

Who’s Ron Phipps, what is the key to getting email read,  and why does Facebook make me sad? “4G” is the hot buzzword in smart phones right now. All the major carriers claim theirs is the ‘fastest’, ‘largest’, ‘best’,...
January 28, 2011

Facebook for REALTORS®

With over half a billion members, Facebook is THE social network today. It’s also an ever-changing, evolving time-suck. Poking is passé, privacy rights are in flux, and don’t get me started on Farmville! Rule number one for Facebook –...
August 16, 2010

What We’re Reading: Aug. 2-6, 2010

Pop-up stores are gaining in popularity with both small businesses and property managers, says the Wall Street Journal:  “Large fashion retailers and high-end designers have long demonstrated the success of the pop-up model for generating buzz about new brands...
August 6, 2010